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The Process

At JTB building, we aim to make the process of building and renovating clear and easy to understand for our customers from the beginning of the project right through to the finishing touches.

If you don’t have plans prepared

  • Call JTB Building to discuss your project requirements with the builder/owner, James Tulloch.
  • A meeting is arranged with the architect/designer to discuss design requirements.
  • An estimate is prepared for project.
  • Drawings, plans and documents are prepared for customer review.
  • A quote is prepared for the project.
  • Documents and plans are submitted to council for DA approval.
  • Once approved, structural drawings are prepared.
  • Construction certificate is obtained and work commences.

If you have plans ready to go

  • Call the builder, James Tulloch. A preliminary meeting is arranged where project requirements/outcomes are discussed.
  • An estimate for the project is prepared.
  • As soon as DA approval and construction certificate has been released, work commences.

To discuss your requirements, call the team at JTB Building on 0414 833 268 or 1300 743 419. To send us an email, please use the enquiry form on the right.

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